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Cytenna, an InferLink spinoff, provides corporate IT with relevant, real-time computer security intelligence.  Cytenna gathers, organizes, and analyzes the latest information about vulnerabilities, mitigation strategies, and security news. Using algorithms developed by InferLink, Cytenna intelligently aggregates and  and prioritizes this information into actionable intelligence. 

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Innotrieve, an InferLink spinoff, helps corporations find the right person for a job. Innotrieve uses our patent-pending technology to rank potential employees based on how well their work history, skill sets and other criteria match job postings.

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SocialPortrait provides actionable social media insights, allowing companies to insert themselves into social conversations, market to finely tuned audiences and find channels to communicate with the right potential customers.

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Social Reaction Group

Social Reaction Group dissects political speeches to assess audience reaction on Twitter.  It analyzes social media data to identify the parts of a speech that resonate with the audience and can illuminate how public opinion is related to demographics, psychographics, location, trends and other variables.

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Initially developed by InferLink, OpenAI is a community-curated directory run by AI Access Foundation that makes it easy to find open access data and open source software for building Artificial Intelligence systems.

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