Products & Solutions



EntityBase aggregates, merges, and matches data about people, organizations, products, and other entities.   Probabilistic matching technology seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources, even when those sources use different names, terminologies or data formats to describe the same entity. Machine learning automatically tunes matching algorithms for different types of data.



PSI4 is a link-analysis and social media comprehension platform that enables researchers and analysts to conduct investigations on the Internet.  Analysts can interactively harvest data from public Web sites, analyze the content, and identify interesting patterns and links. 


Referral Link

Innotrieve, a human resources big data company, uses Referral Link to accelerate the corporate recruiting process. Referral Link is built on patent-pending algorithms that rank candidates based on how well their work history, skill sets, and other criteria match job postings.



SocialPortrait provides actionable social-media insights, allowing companies to insert themselves into social conversations, market to finely tuned audiences and find channels to communicate with the right potential customers at just the right time.



ThreatRank provides corporate IT teams with relevant, real-time intelligence on computer security issues. This AI application scours the Internet for news, evaluations and mitigation strategies. ThreatRank's algorithms and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques prioritize, categorize, and polish raw data into actionable intelligence based on an organization’s unique needs.  


Social Reaction Group

Social Reaction Group dissects political speeches to assess audience reaction on Twitter.  It analyzes social media data to identify the parts of a speech that resonate with the audience and can illuminate how public opinion is related to demographics, psychographics, location, trends and other variables.