R&D Capabilities

From Entity Resolution and Social Media Analysis to full scale custom development, InferLink's team delivers. Take a look at our R&D capabilities below and let us know how we may help you.


Entity Resolution

Data sources often use slightly different terms to refer to the same thing. Our Entity Resolution solution can make highly accurate judgments to determine when two sources are referring to same real-world entity, including people, companies and products.   

Social Media Analysis

Our social media research capabilities include inferring meaningful profiles of individual social media users and groups, detecting and surfacing topics of conversations, and connecting the dots across relationships, even when those relationships are not obvious. 



Statistical Machine Learning

We develop novel statistical models and scalable computational algorithms for matching, clustering, topic analysis and other inference problems, based on many years of experience in machine learning and AI.

Text Mining

Our text mining research involves structuring highly variable text such as social chatter or online postings, extracting and cleaning entity mentions from text, and uncovering information about group memberships based on linguistic clues.



Information Gathering

Our deep experience in data collection includes the ability to harvest data from Web sites, extract data from standard text (such as news), cull information from structured sources (such as databases or even Wikipedia), and make sense of extremely variable text such as social media chatter or online postings.


We develop technology for intelligently searching through large collections of semi-structured or unstructured data, using AI technologies to find the most relevant information.

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Custom Development

Our technical team works closely with enterprise clients, applying AI technologies to solve challenging information extraction and integration problems.