Selected Publications

Temporally Aligning Clusters of Social Media Reaction to Speech Events

Brian Amanatullah, Greg Barish, Matthew Michelson and Steven Minton

Analyzing Foreign-Language Social-Media Reaction to Televised Speeches: Lessons Learned

Brian Amanatullah, Steven Minton, Matthew Michelson, Greg Barish and Kane See

Monitoring Entities in an Uncertain World: Entity Resolution and Referential Integrity

Steven Minton, Sofus A. Macskassy, Peter M. LaMonica, Kane See, Craig A. Knoblock, Greg Barish, Matthew Michelson, Raymond A. Liuzzi

Beyond Sensors: Reading Patients Through Caregivers and Context

Greg Barish, Patricia Lester MD, William Saltzman, and Eric Elbogen

Improving Classifier Performance by Autonomously Collecting Background Knowledge from the Web

Steven Minton, Matthew Michelson, Kane See, Sofus A. Macskassy, Bora Gazen, Lise Getoor

What Blogs Tell Us about Websites:
A Demographics Study

Matthew Michelson and Sofus A. Macskassy

Materializing Multi-Relational Databases from the Web using Taxonomic Queries

Matthew Michelson, Sofus A. Macskassy, 
Steven N. Minton, and Lise Getoor

A Heterogeneous Field Matching 
Method for Record Linkage

Steven N. Minton, Claude Nanjo, Craig A. Knoblock, Martin Michalowski, and Matthew Michelson

EntityBases: Compiling, Organizing and Querying Massive Entity Repositories

Craig A. Knoblock, José Luis Ambite, Kavita Ganesan, Maria Muslea, Steven Minton, Greg Barish, Evan Gamble, Claude Nanjo, Kane See, Cyrus Shahabi, Ching-Chien Chen

Interactive Data Integration through 
Smart Copy & Paste

Zachary G. Ives, Craig A. Knoblock, Steven Minton, Marie Jacob, Partha Pratim Talukdar, Rattapoom Tuchinda, José Luis Ambite, Maria Muslea, Cenk Gazen 

Information Integration for the Masses

Jim Blythe, Dipsy Kapoor, Craig A. Knoblock, Kristina Lerman, Steven Minton

Active Learning with Multiple Views

Ion Muslea, Steven Minton, Craig A. Knoblock